Inspired by minimalistic Japenese Architecture, the tower spreads across 21 resdential floors and 3 dedicated parking floors, rising 300 feet above the ground. Designed by renowned architect Mr. Nasir Mehmud, this residential complex is nestled in the heart of Lahore.


Nasir Mahmud

Nasir Mahmud is a man devoted to art, humanity, and intelligent design. He was the first intuitive step when we set out to turn our passion into reality. He is a legend in the world of architecture, noted for his unconditional and innovative approach to design. His designs are futuristic, daring, artistic and uncompromisingly sustainable. He is known for his out-of-the-box thinking and approach to not just the design but the lifecycle of the project. We are consistently in awe of his unique use of organic and natural materials that almost defy logic in how they synergize and work together, and yet he manages to make them one with nature through his innovative detailing. He was the right choice, in fact, the only choice to execute our ambitions to touch the sky.